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Our Team combines over 80 years of experience as investors, entrepreneurs and executives across diverse industries and geographies. In the 10 years that 3V SourceOne has been in business, we have witnessed boom-and-bust cycles and weathered recessions. The lessons we have learnt and the knowledge we have accumulated helps hone our judgment so that we can help you maximize your chance of success.


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Track Record

We are one of the few experienced, localized and stable private equity teams in Singapore. Our Managing Directors have worked with over a hundred companies and have successfully listed companies in leading global exchanges, including NASDAQ, London AIM, Shanghai SSE, Taiwan TWSE, Hong Kong HKSE and Singapore Exchange. Our current portfolio includes many other promising companies.


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Geographical Reach and Deal Flow

Our offices in Singapore and Silicon Valley ensure that we, our investors and our portfolio companies are supported by strong local networks and global connections. Southeast Asia and North America are by no means our only regions of experience; our Managing Directors have been looking at investments in Greater China for close to 20 years, and have invested extensively in the rest of Asia as well as in Europe. Through our role as a Cross Pacific venture catalyst, we have successfully brought companies from the US to Asia and vice-versa.


Multiplier Effect

Our team works directly with our portfolio companies to unlock their value. Access to our network can also help to establish meaningful strategic partnerships and connect with potential customers, suppliers, acquirers and advisors. In addition, we work with established private equity partners across the globe that we can bring onboard as co-investors to further multiply the value of a portfolio company.



3V SourceOne Capital has built up a strong reputation for fair dealings with investors, entrepreneurs and the private equity industry as a whole. We take our role as one of the earlier private equity firms in Singapore seriously and contribute to the industry through active participation in the Singapore Venture Capital Association committees.